The Yorkshire Trike Tours -A-MAZ-ING

n the words of PC Danny Butterman from Hot Fuzz (aka Nick Frost) Andy’s birthday surprise was…


That’s all we could get out of Andy.

One three-syllable word.


He had no idea what we had planned to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Well he did have a little idea.

I had cracked under pressure about the short break in the Yorkshire Dales, which I had booked as a birthday surprise. Andy, still bemused about how I had planned to keep it a secret until we had got there, understanding of course that he was driving, had no idea about the other surprise in his non- surprise trip to the Dales.

He was convinced that I had arranged for family and friends to join us.

His birthday morning began with the traditional opening of presents – the compulsory ‘How Old?’ T-shirt, a pair of ‘Born in 1965’ socks, a ‘Grumpy Old Man’ mug,  a copy of ‘50 Jokes for a Bloke who is 50’ cartoon book – a pretty standard selection of gifts which highlighted the fact that Andy had  now  reached  50 and was officially middle-aged.

Over breakfast I was put through a gruelling interrogation as to what time everyone was coming. The more I told him that no one was due to arrive, the more he convinced himself I was not telling the truth.

Would I lie? (Yes, Deborah, you would -Ed)

During the morning we pottered around Settle (that’s all a man of Andy’s age can cope with) and then went back to the Craven Arms for lunchtime refreshments.

So the family was arriving…why the need to go back to the pub? Could we not go somewhere for lunch?

Andy nursed his pint and waited for the family to burst in through the door.

Enter Jason from

For a split second Andy’s face read, ‘I know the face but where from?’

Jason announced that his ‘chariot awaits’ and led Andy outside to the mean machine.

That’s when we had the very first


The Trike shone in the afternoon sun making it look even more impressive.

Once helmet and jackets were donned we were on our way; a tour of the Dales from the back of the trike.

It was great to catch up with Jason again. It was over two years ago that we first met Judith and Jason. Yorkshire Trike Tours was just setting up and had offered to help with fund raising to buy the Tramper for the National Trust at Malham Tarn and people were happy to donate for the opportunity to sit on the bike for a photo opportunity.

Since then Yorkshire Trike Tours has gone from strength to strength, winning awards and being placed 10 in the world for ‘must do’  bucket list adventures.

Knowing our love for the Dales and knowing how much of the Dales we know, Jason promised to shows us a part of the Dales that we would not know; a hidden secret gem.

The second cry of A-MAZ-ING! came as we sped our way onto towards Ribblehead Viaduct, always an impressive sight but today the view was even more spectacular as the wind raced against our faces and the sun shone down. Hikers and families enjoying a roadside picnic waved enthusiastically as we zipped past on the lean, mean, silver machine.

Soon we were heading towards Dentdale and Garsdale Head, with even more breathtaking views. As we went along our way, Jason provided a running commentary through our earpiece pointing out interesting features and facts about the locality – so interesting.

Next came the secret, hidden gem.

What a treasure of a place.

Never even heard of it let alone been there.


Can’t tell you… it’s a secret!

Only Yorkshire Trike Tours can reveal this undiscovered haven.

After four hours of motoring along, the final ride in was along the A65: a chance to feel the speed of the machine and the g-force on the cheeks.

It was truly A-MAZ-ING!

Jason and Judith are the loveliest, kindest people you could wish to meet and go out of their way to make your tour a special trip to remember.

It is a very special way to experience the Yorkshire Dales.

It is most definitely a bucket list experience.  Andy’s compiled a new top 10.  Yorkshire Trike Tours appears in it.  Often.

As P.C. Butterman said:


See, Feel and Experience , 


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