Exciting Times Ahead

After the event comes the fallout.

So much time in planning and resourcing and fundraising went into our Coast to Coast adventure that
a huge void was left once it was all over.

It took ages to pick myself up again.

Little did I see the opportunities that would open up for us at the time.

But opportunities are knocking loudly at our door… and exciting times are ahead.  I been interviewed by Trail Magazine for an article in next month’s edition -available from September 10th… hint hint, I’m working with Accessible Derbyshire to plan some routes in the Peak District, I’m on the Access for All Group for the Yorkshire Dales National Parks Authority, and member of the Mid-Lincolnshire Local Access Forum… just to name a few.

In September I’m looking forward to going with TerrainHopper to  ‘The Super Fun Day’ at Lea Green Outdoor Education Centre, Matlock for a fun-packed day for children with disabilities and in October I will be at the Access For All Show in Lincoln.  So no-one can accuse me of letting the grass grow.

The most exciting thing to come out of it all though for both Andy and I is that we are very pleased to announce that we have been given a publishing contract. By July 2016 our book ‘In the Spirit of Wainwright’ will be on sale in bookshops.

It’s great to be back working alongside Jonathan from Where2walk who will be producing the maps from the guide book.

Before we put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards) we have still got quite a lot of work to do as we want to provide the best possible route across the country, which means going back out into the hills and dales to explore alternative routes, routes we believe are possible now we know the capabilities of the TerrainHopper to a much greater degree.  You see, every single yard we covered from St Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay was always fraught with the possibility of impassable terrain, busy roads and gates on public rights of  way locked by landowners.  One of those we can do nothing about.  Roads are roads are roads.  As for public rights of way being blocked, we’ll be making noises whenever and wherever we find them.  And the impassable terrain?  Well, there are sections we covered in the Lake District that we think the TerrainHopper would do.  At the time, it was all a big, scary adventure and we didn’t want to end up getting stuck on a mountain track, as crossing the country by quiet lanes and bridleways was a great big adventure in itself.  Now we know the machine so much better, we feel it only right and proper to look at potentially more exciting variations on the route.  Come on, even AW didn’t get things nailed first time!

We are presently in the midst of setting up a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money we need to cover the hire of a van and accommodation to enable us to go out and route find. With fingers and toes crossed  we are hoping that the campaign is successful beyond our expectations and that we reach our targets, which would then allow us to be able to pay for the  illustrations for the book to be produced by the extremely talented Mark Richards. The campaign will be launched in September, once we’ve got all the logistics in place.

In the meantime, we will continue to make the crowdfunding film which seems to be taking forever – that might have something to do with the fact that I can’t stop laughing as soon as the camera is pointed at me. There was never any hope of us making it in one take.

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