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Super Duper Fun Day Sunday

There are Sundays.

And then there are Super Sundays.

But the 27th of September was an official Super Duper Fun Sunday.

So what made this date in September a Sunday Super Duper Fun?

The weather? Well, that was fantastic… even go as far as to say I got a bit of a tan!

The location?  A very pretty place in Matlock, Derbyshire – a great place to be.


Fun day Super Sunday was made so super-duper because it was a wonderful event held at Lea Green Outdoor Activity and Education Centre by Accessible Derbyshire for children with disabilities and additional needs where they can try adventurous activities, games and crafts.

Over 400 children attended with their parents and carers and it was wonderful to see so many happy and smiling faces.

One parent said to me that they loved to bring their child to the Super Sunday event as he could have a go on all the activities. She had taken him to a fun park and he couldn’t access hardly any of the rides. At Lea Green the story was totally different – there weren’t enough hours in the day to fit in all the activities. Staff from Lea Green Centre were on hand to enable the children to go abseiling in their wheelchairs, to go high rope walking, to play wheelchair basketball plus many more fun activities.

Andy and I were privileged to attend this event with TerrainHopper who provided the opportunity for all who wished to drive the TerrainHoppers around a course in the woods. From young children to grandparents, all ages of people queued up to have a go in the TerrainHoppers. And they had so much fun. The TerrainHoppers proved to be a very popular activity.  The course took them up steep embankments, over rough terrain and uneven ground.  It was so great to meet so many people and to be able to be part of giving children an experience that they would not forget.

For me the best thing about the day was seeing the faces of the children when they were on the Hoppers. There was lots of laughter and merriment.

This event was made achievable through the fund raising efforts of several people. The day cost around £10,000 to host. A huge amount of work went on behind the scenes to make it such a fantastic day. Our thanks go to Gillian and Jane from Accessible Derbyshire for inviting us to take part in the event and also to Valerie Rogers for her organisation of the day.