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Walking your way to good health

The Great outdoors should be available to everyone, this is why I am trying to raise money to by all terrain wheelchairs for use in various locations around the country. Now the money has been raised for tramper for Malham Tarn, I am beginning to investigate the possibilities of finding funds to buy a terrain hopper for use in the Lincolnshire Wolds.
Even if your mobility is poor getting outside into the countryside promotes good health

Visit Peak District & Derbyshire

We all know that taking more exercise would be good for our health but can sometimes find it difficult to get started – especially if it’s a been a while since the last time or if you’re recovering from illness.

And that’s where High Peak Walking for Health’s new walks in Buxton and New Mills can help.

Walking is one of the easiest steps individuals can take to achieve the recommended 30 minutes exercise five times a week and the introduction of these new guided walks, supported by High Peak Borough Council, means there’s never been a better time to get started.

The Buxton Health Walks take place every Wednesday at midday from Buxton Leisure Centre and every Friday at 9.30am from New Bodies gym in Fairfield and the New Mills walk happens every Monday at midday from Ventura Court.

The programme has been awarded accreditation by ‘Walking the…

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Sunnybeck Cottage

It’s great to hear from people who won one of the fabulous prizes in the raffle which was held at Country Harvest,Ingleton in aid of accessthedales.
Carol, from Sunnybeck Cottages emailed me this morning to let me know that
Mr Somerfield and his family, who won a weekend stay at Sunnybeck Cottages, had been for the weekend.
They had a wonderful time and adored the cottage.
Mr Somerfield, who does a very good impression of  Arnold Schwarzenegger, wrote in the visitors book  “I’ll be back”
Thank you Carol once again for donating the prize and thank you to the Sommerfield family for supporting accessthedales.

I’m Back!

I apologise.

If I was an American, I would apologize.

But I’m not.

So I won’t.

The reason I’m apologising?

I haven’t updated the blog site for a very long time.  You may have noticed.

But I have good reason – 3 months in hospital and major surgery on my spine.  I’m not going to talk about that in this particular blog though because that will sort of take your focus off this bit:

ACCESSTHEDALES has successfully raised all the money for the tramper!

A couple of days after I came out of hospital, I received a call to say the the grant application to the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust Fund had been approved. With this money and the money raised through the Just Giving site and the fund raising event at Country Harvest, the target has been reached to buy a tramper for the Yorkshire Dales. 

A heartfelt thank you to EVERYBODY who has supported this venture. 

I’ve been told to rest by my consultant, the occupational therapist and my husband.

But I just wonder if I can raise money for a Terrain Hopper for the Lincolnshire Wolds?