My Tramper Experience

When I was given the address of a gentleman who owns a tramper and who lives quite close to us I was very excited. I was told to ring and make arrangements to go and see the tramper. I have the catalogues and I have watched the demonstration videos of the tramper, but had not yet seen one or had a go on one.

The tramper was outside the house, ready and waiting for me when we arrived. Thankfully it was a warm day. My eyes lit up when I saw it. It was evrything I imagined it would be.

I waited patiently, listening to the gentleman telling me what all the different buttons do, but really wishing  to have a sit on it. When the briefing as over, It was my time to have a go. It was so easy to onto to get on to is, as the seat swivelled round, like a lazy susy at a Chinese banquet. The seat back was high, supporting my spine, and the adjustable lumbar support was fab.

I was told to have a ‘little go’ up and down the drive. I only bumped into our car once, but as Andy would say ‘that’s what bumpers are for’. I thought that my back and forth trips on the driveway was going to be the limit of my tramper experience, so you can not start to imagine the excitement when the gentleman said I could take it out for a run around. He gave us directions for a circular walk, which was approx. 1 mile.

One mile of pure delight. I have had a dreadful few weeks of illness, and this really was my first official outing, and what a   beautiful day it was for it., The countryside, around the village was lovely.

It took no time at all to master the controls and the speed and once mastered I was off!

A tear ran down my face. I blamed the wind blowing in my eyes.

I was out in the countryside. Not on a road, or a concrete path, but a path across the fields. A path across a field  that anyone could walk on.

It was just great. I saw things that I would not have seen from the car. I noticed nature once again. Just little things that once I would have taken for granted, but today I stopped and  looked and watched, soaking up the great outdoors.

I want one of my own.

What a difference it would make.

I encourage Andy to go out walking. We live in a beautiful, unknown part of England. But I know that he feels guilty going out walking for a few hours and leaving me at home. I don’t mind. I have lots of hobbies to do and accessthedales takes up a lot of my time. But we were walking buddies, and he says it just isn’t the same, walking without me.

There is only one thing for it – I shall just have to save up and get one!

But first my energy is going into getting the tramper for the Malham Tarn.

Freedom on a tramper

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