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My Tramper Experience

When I was given the address of a gentleman who owns a tramper and who lives quite close to us I was very excited. I was told to ring and make arrangements to go and see the tramper. I have the catalogues and I have watched the demonstration videos of the tramper, but had not yet seen one or had a go on one.

The tramper was outside the house, ready and waiting for me when we arrived. Thankfully it was a warm day. My eyes lit up when I saw it. It was evrything I imagined it would be.

I waited patiently, listening to the gentleman telling me what all the different buttons do, but really wishing  to have a sit on it. When the briefing as over, It was my time to have a go. It was so easy to onto to get on to is, as the seat swivelled round, like a lazy susy at a Chinese banquet. The seat back was high, supporting my spine, and the adjustable lumbar support was fab.

I was told to have a ‘little go’ up and down the drive. I only bumped into our car once, but as Andy would say ‘that’s what bumpers are for’. I thought that my back and forth trips on the driveway was going to be the limit of my tramper experience, so you can not start to imagine the excitement when the gentleman said I could take it out for a run around. He gave us directions for a circular walk, which was approx. 1 mile.

One mile of pure delight. I have had a dreadful few weeks of illness, and this really was my first official outing, and what a   beautiful day it was for it., The countryside, around the village was lovely.

It took no time at all to master the controls and the speed and once mastered I was off!

A tear ran down my face. I blamed the wind blowing in my eyes.

I was out in the countryside. Not on a road, or a concrete path, but a path across the fields. A path across a field  that anyone could walk on.

It was just great. I saw things that I would not have seen from the car. I noticed nature once again. Just little things that once I would have taken for granted, but today I stopped and  looked and watched, soaking up the great outdoors.

I want one of my own.

What a difference it would make.

I encourage Andy to go out walking. We live in a beautiful, unknown part of England. But I know that he feels guilty going out walking for a few hours and leaving me at home. I don’t mind. I have lots of hobbies to do and accessthedales takes up a lot of my time. But we were walking buddies, and he says it just isn’t the same, walking without me.

There is only one thing for it – I shall just have to save up and get one!

But first my energy is going into getting the tramper for the Malham Tarn.

Freedom on a tramper

Yorkshire Dales Soap Box

I came across this website, via twitter. This kind of shop is just up my street. Lovely hand made soaps, and body lotions. Yorkshire dales Soap Box. I have already put in my order!

Yorkshire Dales Soap Box

Made from natural plant extracts and oils, the kindest of ingredients and luxurious bases mean whatever range you choose, you can be sure your body receives the indulgent pampering it deserves.

Visit their website at

Sherlock Holmes tickets For Sale

I have been donated a voucher for 2 tickets for “Sherlock Holmes” at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. Any performance Monday to Friday, subject to availability. I am putting them up for auctiion, with money going to accessthedales, for the tramper.

Closing date for the tickets will be Friday 26th April.


Artist – Keith Melling

I am so impressed with the art work of this super talented gentleman – Keith Melling. When I first saw his work I thought that the paintings were actually   a photograph that I was looking at. I have taken some examples of his work to put on my blog, as I believe that his work wonderful, and wanted to share it.

Thank you Keith for the fabulous paintings, cards and beautifully illustrated book.

Please visit his website to see see more of his wonderful work.

Keith Melling

Keith Melling is one of England”s leading landscape painters. Born in 1946, he has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember.   His first exhibition of 40 paintings was in 1966.   Although making use of a wide variety of mediums and techniques, including wood engraving, etching, watercolour, gouache, acrylic and pastel, it is oil paint made by himself in the traditional way which is still his favourite. There is an ever increasing demand for his fine quality prints, published from paintings produced over the last 40 years.  He is represented in collections throughout the world.

The K Melling Studio-Gallery in Fence near Burnley displays a full range of over 100 framed prints plus greetings cards and post cards.

GALLERY OPENING TIMES – We no longer have regular opening times but are normally open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons. Please check if you are travelling any distance by phoning 01282 696641. Otherwise  prints can be purchased online.

Tel: 01282 696641       Email:


Fine Art Trade Guild Member since 1993. Three time finalist in the FATG awards – 1994, 2006 and 2007
All prints comply with the exacting standards of the FATG.


Summer in the Dales, Burnsall – Yorkshire
Summer in the Dales, Burnsall - Yorkshire. Painting- Keith MellingSummer in the Dales, Burnsall – Yorkshire

Beautifully situated by a tranquil stretch of the River Wharfe, Burnsall is one of the most visited villages in Wharfedale and perhaps in the Yorkshire Dales. This painting shows Burnsall in its lovely setting from a vantage point on the Bolton Abbey road.

From an oil painting
Signed Open Edition
14.25 x 23.75in £33
also  Giclee print
9 x 15in £30.


Penyghent and River Ribble at Horton-in-Ribblesdale – Yorkshire Dales
Penyghent and River Ribble at Horton-in-Ribblesdale - Yorkshire Dales. Painting: Keith MellingPenyghent and River Ribble at Horton-in-Ribblesdale – Yorkshire Dales

Horton-in-Ribblesdale is a Mecca for walkers; it is the start and finish of the gruelling Three Peaks Walk, where Penyghent, Ingleborough and Whernside are bagged in a single day. However, the area has much more to offer than rugged fell wandering, with riverside strolls such as this. The view is from the west bank of the Ribble, looking across to Horton and the iconic Pen-y-ghent… ‘Hill of the wind’.

From a pastel painting
Signed Open Edition
Giclee print
20.5 x 15.5in. £58.50
also 15 x 11.5in £39


Swaledale – Yorkshire Dales
Swaledale - Yorkshire Dales. Painting Keith MellingSwaledale  –  Yorkshire Dales

Looking up the dale towards Gunnerside, the viewpoint is by Birks House on the easterly moor road ‘ower-top’ to Wensleydale. Swaledale is perhaps the most dramatic of the Yorkshire Dales because of its narrowness. The River Swale is one of the fastest flowing rivers in England.

From an oil painting
Signed Open Editon
13.5 x 23in


Muker, Swaledale – Yorkshire Dales
Muker, Swaledale - Yorkshire Dales. painting Keith MellingMuker, Swaledale  –  Yorkshire Dales

In the heart of Swaledale, this Yorkshire Dales village holds a commanding position at the foot of Kisdon Hill. The view in this painting is from the track across Straw Beck whose waters join the River Swale nearby.

From an oil painting.
Signed Open Edition.
12.5 x 23in. £33
Also 5 x 7in. £11.50


Littondale – Yorkshire Dales
Littondale, Yorkshire Dales. Painting Keith MellingLittondale  –  Yorkshire Dales

Lovely Littondale which is a side valley of Wharfedale probably hasn”t changed much in appearance for hundreds of years. This Yorkshire Dale was chosen as the first ”Emmerdale” in the original TV series, it was also William Wordsworth”s ”Ammerdale” . The village in the painting is Halton Gill.

From an oil painting
Signed Open Edition
14.5 x 21in £33
also 5 x 7in £11.50


Starbotton from the Walden Track – Yorkshire Dales
Starbotton from the Walden Track - Yorkshire Dales. Painting- Keith Melling
Starbotton from the Walden Track
– Yorkshire Dales

This Dales painting shows clearly the glaciated ‘U’ shaped valley of Wharfedale. The view from above Starbotton is quite similar to the composition of my Kettlewell painting but even more extensive. Often this track is used as the descent from Buckden Pike.

From an oil painting.
Signed Open Edition.
Giclee print.
15 x 22.5in. £65.
Also 10 x 15in. £37.50


Nidderdale – Yorkshire Dales
Nidderdale, Yorkshire dales. Painting- Keith MellingNidderdale  –  Yorkshire Dales
Looking down the dale from near Middlesmoor with Gouthwaite Res. in the distance.

From an oil painting
Signed Open Edition
12.5 x 2in


Askrigg, Wensleydale – Yorkshire Dales
Askrigg, Wensleydale, Yorkshire Dales. Painting- Keith mellingAskrigg, Wensleydale  –  Yorkshire Dales

This painting from the moor road looks over the rooftops of Askrigg across the dale to the lofty Addlebrough. Addlebrough is one of the lesser known fells in the Yorkshire Dales – yet from this angle appears quite spectacular.

From an oil painting
Signed Open Edition
11.5 x 24in  £33
also 5.5 x 11.25in  £12.50


Bluebells and Ramsons
Bluebells and Ramsons

This wood by the River Ribble near Langcliffe is typical of many bluebell woods in the Yorkshire Dales and for that matter in England. Ramsons (wild garlic) grow quite happily amongst bluebells.

From a gouache and acrylic painting
Signed Open Edition
Giclee print 10 x 15in £37.50
also 15 x 22.5in £58.50

more bluebell pictures


Ribblesdale – Yorkshire Dales
Ribblesdale - Yorkshire dales. Keith MellingRibblesdale  –  Yorkshire Dales

Looking down Goat Scar Lane to the typical Yorkshire Dales village of Stainforth, Smearsett Scar is prominent in the background with Ingleborough on the far distant right.

From an oil painting
Signed Open Edition
14.5 x 21.75in


Above Kettlewell, Wharfedale – Yorkshire Dales
Kettlewell, Wharfedale, Yorkshire Dales. Painting Keith MellingAbove Kettlewell, Wharfedale  –  Yorkshire Dales

This was the first of my Yorkshire Dales paintings and remains a firm favourite. The view is looking south down Wharfedale towards Kilnsey Crag, which can just be seen in the distance behind the fell on the right.

From an oil painting
Signed Open Edition
14.5 x 19.5in


Penyghent from Horton Scar Lane – Yorkshire Dales
Penyghent from Horton Scar Lane  –  Yorkshire Dales

From an acrylic and gouache painting
Signed Open Edition
7.5 x 16in  £24.50
also giclee print   11 x 23.5in  £47


Malham Tarn, Sunset – Yorkshire Dales
Malham Tarn, Sunset – Yorkshire Dales

Natural lakes are rare in the Yorkshire Dales: Malham Tarn is one of only two – the other being Semerwater.

From a watercolour painting
Signed Limited Edition of 450
Giclee print.
15 x 11in


Malham Tarn at Sunset II – Yorkshire Dales

Country Harvest

Celebrating it’s 20 year Anniversary this year!

One of the region’s finest shopping venues.
Situated at the foot of Ingleborough,
on the A65 at Ingleton, and surrounded by the
magnificent scenery of the Yorkshire Dales

country harvest

Country Harvest
Ingleton, North Yorkshire, LA6 3PE
T 015242 42223
F 015242 42226

A warm & friendly welcome awaits you at Country Harvest.
Founded in 1993 by two local farmers wishing to diversify,
their initial aim of retailing a quality selection of local products
and gifts is even more relevant today.
As pioneers of local sourcing, our Food Hall offers a vast
selection from the very best producers we can find. Our
award winning cheese department is testament to our
dedication to bringing together the best from our region.
Situated on the A65 at Ingleton, surrounded by open
countryside and with stunning views to Ingleborough, we are
ideally placed for easy access from the Yorkshire Dales, the
Lake District or the Lancashire coast.
Our modern, purpose built barn is set on a 3 acre site and
offers ample parking space, as well as plenty of room to
manoeuvre caravans and boats on tow.
Our renowned Coffee Shop, Harvest Bites, is open for a
refreshment stop, from morning coffee, to lunches and teas.

Country Harvest is one of the region’s finest single destination
shopping venues.
Our extensively stocked Food Hall has an outstanding
selection of locally and internationally produced fare – which
now includes frozen foods – alongside local bakery and
traditional jams & chutneys.
For our range of luxury Hampers, our quality foods, cheeses,
delicacies and seasonal food gifts are all available to choose
from. For a truly memorable personalised gift, pick up a leaflet
when in store, or visit us online.

The range of items in the Gift department extends from
pottery to textiles, candles and jewellery as well as greetings
and seasonal cards.
In our clothing department you will find an extended range of
outdoor and country wear from both established and
upcoming labels, together with new accessory ranges.
Harvest Bites has an excellent reputation for its extensive
menu, quality food and service. We use locally sourced
ingredients wherever possible. Outstanding views ensure
your visit will be truly memorable.

counrty h 1