Rose Garden Apothecary

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Welcome to Rose Garden Apothecary where you will find a fantastic range of Aromatherapy Remedies, 100% natural skincare, bath & body products, soy candles & other unique gifts.
‘Apothecary’ was an historical term for a central place in a town where medical advice and remedies were offered to the local townspeople.
Apothecaries were popular in Egyptian times & increased in popularity right up to the introduction of modern medicine.
With my online shop I aim to provide a ‘modern day’ Apothecary, even providing free consultations just like the ancient Apothecaries used to.
As a professional Aromatherapist I specialise in providing traditional remedies designed to offer relief from common ailments such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Muscle Aches, Immune System Booster and even the common cold.
As more people long for a return to a simpler, healthier life I hope to provide in my shop, natural remedies that will help you attain this.
I use traditional recipes and methods in all my blends using only 100% natural ingredients.
We offer a free mini confidential consulation by email / phone if you are unsure which remedy is best for you & your condition.
We can also offer a bespoke service if this is best suited to your needs.
Our products are all freshly made to order in the beautiful countryside of North Yorkshire and have a shelf life of 12 months so you can be assured that you are using only the best freshest products for your skin and body.

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