Smile – Say Cheese!

A week last Friday I was up in the Dales as I had a meeting with the National Trust. However, in my book, no visit to the Dales is complete without a pit stop at the Creamery in Hawes.


In the cafe they serve the most wonderful cheese platter, consisting of several slices of various cheeses, grapes and crackers and home churned butter, served on a wooden cheese board.


A cheese lovers heaven.


Whilst ordering two cheese boards (one for Andy) I heard the freshly baked apple pie calling out to me. So the order became two cheese boards (one for Andy) and two apple pie and single fresh cream (one for Andy).


The cheese boards (one for Andy) were brought to the tables and I immediately started drooling at the sight of these wonderful cheeses. Cheese and Maltesers are my weakness (not together may I add).


I tucked into my lunch, not really caring that I ate like I had not been fed for a whole three hours. I  started with a bit of blue – yummy; then a bit of Wensleydale with cranberries- scrummy;  then a slab of cheese which was very creamy, soft and very rich. “You won’t want to eat a lot of that one at one time,” I thought, whilst stuffing the rest of  this unknown cheese into my mouth.


“That one was good!” I said to Andy, pointing to the empty space on my board. It was the first time I had looked up since the cheese boards (one for Andy) had been placed in front of us. It was then I noticed that Andy was spreading butter on his crackers.


“They forgot my butter,” I remarked


Andy had a look around my board, and agreed there was no butter, but he did remark that I had not eaten a lot of my cheese.


“I’ve had a bit of blue, a bit of Wensleydale and that one that was there,” I said, pointing to the empty space on my cheese board.


“That was the butter!” Andy shook his head in disbelief “Can’t  you tell the difference between butter and cheese?”


Despite eating half a pound of butter, I finished eating the whole of the cheese board ( Andy had one), with dry crackers and then tackled the  warm apple pie and fresh cream, which was absolutely delicious.


Half an hour later, I wasn’t very well! My stomach had said NO!  to the rich, fat and creamy food. By this time  the thought of butter churned my stomach (excuse the pun there!).


I arrived at my meeting looking rather green.


That night at the pub we were staying at, a lady came over and asked if we had enjoyed our cheese board (one for Andy).

“We saw you in the Creamery… Well actually we were eying up your lunch; it looked delicious.”


She went on to say… “We have bought half a pound of butter from there to take home with us!”


I highly recommend the Creamery at Hawes, but a piece of advice… Check which is the butter and cheese before ploughing in!




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  1. Oh Debs, you make me laugh soooooooo much!


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