Come along to the latest Wilton cleanup

The next Wilton clean up day is planned for Sunday March 17th.

This is the latest in a series of clean ups over the last few years and will be continuing the great work done at these previous events.

We’ll be in Wilton One from about 10am and if enough folk turn up, we should be able to get some climbing done in the afternoon. Bring gardening gloves and any hand tools you might have along – tools that are particularly useful are things like pruning shears, patio knives, bow saws and stiff (non-wire!) brushes. Climbing gear to allow you to abseil down routes to clean them is also obviously very useful, although you need to be able to rig your own abseils and look after yourself on a rope.

The plan is to finish off restoring the right side of the Allotment, the Pitface and the Graveyard. The more the merrier and these days are usually really social with food provided in the Wilton Arms afterwards for all involved in the day.

If you can’t manage to make the 17th, just go to Wilton beforehand and look for any of the routes on the areas mentioned above and get stuck in.


Taken from FSCMalham Daily

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