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Ingleborough Cave

Welcome To Ingleborough Cave

Ingleborough Cave, first entered and made accessible in 1837, is the premier show cave in the Yorkshire Dales. In 2012, it is celebrating 175 years of entrancing visitors with an awe inspiring range of stunning cave formations, the imposing cave entrance and the large passages are full of artefacts dating back millions of years along with the evidence of the significant impact of the Ice Ages.

It has been featured many times on television. The tours of the Cave leave from the entrance at regular intervals with an expert guide to help interpret the many features of the Cave.



image5The passages are floodlit with well-laid concrete paths, the usual walking or outdoor clothing will suffice and there are no steps so the Cave is accessible for pushchairs. Dogs are allowed on leads and it is very rarely affected by flooding, in fact the wetter the weather the more spectacular the Cave!

The walk from Clapham Village to the Cave is also a unique and very enjoyable experience. There is a leaflet available at the start of the Trail which interprets the features of the walk through this woodland landscape with Himalayan plantings, unusual tree species and along a wide, well maintained gravel track.

The Trail also provides access further up Clapdale beyond Ingleborough Cave to Trow Gill Gorge, a large limestone gorge carved out by glacial melt water.


image24 Ingleborough Cave is on the south side of Ingleborough, above the picturesque village of Clapham. Clapham is just off the A65 Leeds – Skipton – Kendal trunk road, and offers ample parking in the Yorkshire Dales National Car Park.

Sat Nav: LA2 8EA

To reach the cave from the car park follow the signed route on foot past the church and an impressive view of a waterfall, to reach the old sawmill building and the entrance to the Ingleborough Cave Estate Nature Trail. A small charge is made for the trail, and leaflets are available at the start to help you to interpret the many features to be seen along the route.

This is a popular 2 km walk for people of all ages, passing the lake, and up through the wooded valley to the open dale and the imposing entrance to the cave. You should allow a minimum of half an hour for the walk. There is limited disabled parking at the start of the nature trail.

National Grid Reference: SD 75432 71069

For Sat Nav users: Dont use LA2 8EE to get here, please use LA2 8EA

Contact Us

Ingleborough Cave
Tel: 01524 251242




Yorkshire Trike Tours

Yorkshire Trike Tours: See, feel & experience the Yorkshire

Dales like you’ve never done before, being chauffeur driven on our three seater Boom Trike.


Imagine this – Allowing yourself to be chauffeur driven on our three seater Boom trike; an amazing machine to behold. Triking is like no other experience – it has the freedom and exhilaration of a motorcycle with the safety and comfort of a car. Take a look at the tours we have on offer and you will definitely agree we have a tour to suit every occasion and every age group. Being chauffeur driven through the Yorkshire Dales is an experience not to be missed.

We really look forward to the opportunity of meeting you and even more to chauffeuring you on one of our superb tours.

Have you always dreamed of riding a motorbike, but never got around to passing your motorbike test? Perhaps you’ve wanted to return to your lifelong passion of biking and need a little help? Life’s too short for dreaming! Fulfill your ambitions and experience one of our chauffeur driven trike tours through the Yorkshire Dales. See, feel & experience the Yorkshire Dales like you’ve never done before.

“Come and join us for the most amazing adventure; see, feel & experience the Yorkshire Dales like you’ve never done before. Our sole aim is to provide you with a once in a lifetime experience, chauffeur driven trike tour through our beautiful and stunning Yorkshire Dales; a tour that you will never forget. This is an adventure you will definitely want to tell all your friends about”

Rose Garden Apothecary

Accessthedales would like to thank Rose Garden Apothecary for donating a raffle prize

Read all about their wonderful product and visit their website


Welcome to Rose Garden Apothecary where you will find a fantastic range of Aromatherapy Remedies, 100% natural skincare, bath & body products, soy candles & other unique gifts.
‘Apothecary’ was an historical term for a central place in a town where medical advice and remedies were offered to the local townspeople.
Apothecaries were popular in Egyptian times & increased in popularity right up to the introduction of modern medicine.
With my online shop I aim to provide a ‘modern day’ Apothecary, even providing free consultations just like the ancient Apothecaries used to.
As a professional Aromatherapist I specialise in providing traditional remedies designed to offer relief from common ailments such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Muscle Aches, Immune System Booster and even the common cold.
As more people long for a return to a simpler, healthier life I hope to provide in my shop, natural remedies that will help you attain this.
I use traditional recipes and methods in all my blends using only 100% natural ingredients.
We offer a free mini confidential consulation by email / phone if you are unsure which remedy is best for you & your condition.
We can also offer a bespoke service if this is best suited to your needs.
Our products are all freshly made to order in the beautiful countryside of North Yorkshire and have a shelf life of 12 months so you can be assured that you are using only the best freshest products for your skin and body.

Smile – Say Cheese!

A week last Friday I was up in the Dales as I had a meeting with the National Trust. However, in my book, no visit to the Dales is complete without a pit stop at the Creamery in Hawes.


In the cafe they serve the most wonderful cheese platter, consisting of several slices of various cheeses, grapes and crackers and home churned butter, served on a wooden cheese board.


A cheese lovers heaven.


Whilst ordering two cheese boards (one for Andy) I heard the freshly baked apple pie calling out to me. So the order became two cheese boards (one for Andy) and two apple pie and single fresh cream (one for Andy).


The cheese boards (one for Andy) were brought to the tables and I immediately started drooling at the sight of these wonderful cheeses. Cheese and Maltesers are my weakness (not together may I add).


I tucked into my lunch, not really caring that I ate like I had not been fed for a whole three hours. I  started with a bit of blue – yummy; then a bit of Wensleydale with cranberries- scrummy;  then a slab of cheese which was very creamy, soft and very rich. “You won’t want to eat a lot of that one at one time,” I thought, whilst stuffing the rest of  this unknown cheese into my mouth.


“That one was good!” I said to Andy, pointing to the empty space on my board. It was the first time I had looked up since the cheese boards (one for Andy) had been placed in front of us. It was then I noticed that Andy was spreading butter on his crackers.


“They forgot my butter,” I remarked


Andy had a look around my board, and agreed there was no butter, but he did remark that I had not eaten a lot of my cheese.


“I’ve had a bit of blue, a bit of Wensleydale and that one that was there,” I said, pointing to the empty space on my cheese board.


“That was the butter!” Andy shook his head in disbelief “Can’t  you tell the difference between butter and cheese?”


Despite eating half a pound of butter, I finished eating the whole of the cheese board ( Andy had one), with dry crackers and then tackled the  warm apple pie and fresh cream, which was absolutely delicious.


Half an hour later, I wasn’t very well! My stomach had said NO!  to the rich, fat and creamy food. By this time  the thought of butter churned my stomach (excuse the pun there!).


I arrived at my meeting looking rather green.


That night at the pub we were staying at, a lady came over and asked if we had enjoyed our cheese board (one for Andy).

“We saw you in the Creamery… Well actually we were eying up your lunch; it looked delicious.”


She went on to say… “We have bought half a pound of butter from there to take home with us!”


I highly recommend the Creamery at Hawes, but a piece of advice… Check which is the butter and cheese before ploughing in!




Thank you for an interesting read. I love taking photos ( for my family holiday albums- not for sale!!!!!) and will try some of the things that you have suggested.

Come along to the latest Wilton cleanup

The next Wilton clean up day is planned for Sunday March 17th.

This is the latest in a series of clean ups over the last few years and will be continuing the great work done at these previous events.

We’ll be in Wilton One from about 10am and if enough folk turn up, we should be able to get some climbing done in the afternoon. Bring gardening gloves and any hand tools you might have along – tools that are particularly useful are things like pruning shears, patio knives, bow saws and stiff (non-wire!) brushes. Climbing gear to allow you to abseil down routes to clean them is also obviously very useful, although you need to be able to rig your own abseils and look after yourself on a rope.

The plan is to finish off restoring the right side of the Allotment, the Pitface and the Graveyard. The more the merrier and these days are usually really social with food provided in the Wilton Arms afterwards for all involved in the day.

If you can’t manage to make the 17th, just go to Wilton beforehand and look for any of the routes on the areas mentioned above and get stuck in.


Taken from FSCMalham Daily

‘Yorkshire Dales Picture Pub Guide’ by Yorkshire Trikes Tours

Picture Pub Guide
At Yorkshire Trike Tours we are in the process of building on a brilliant idea,

‘Yorkshire Dales Picture Pub Guide’

If you have a pub in the Yorkshire Dales, or you know someone who has, we would like to know about it, so we can add your business to our Pinterest Board We also intend to build the same style of Picture Pub Guide on Flickr in the very near future.

If you send us a picture of your Pub to along with the Town/ Village and, importantly, which Dale you are located in, we will be delighted to add you to our growing collection.


37000 thousand people have already signed the petition to stop disability living allowance from being abolished. and over 55000 thousand people have taken the pledge to help us gain more signatures Please do your best to keep on sharing the petition to get more people to sign. It has now become vital that we hit the target of 100 thousand sooner rather then later. It takes us all to make a difference and you really could be that one that makes change happen. Thank you for the all the support over the past years and months. you can share the petition on facebook, on twitter, via email or just word of mouth. Please help us, to help everyone that needs support, that should have a right to support.




The WDSA (UK) wants to ensure that anyone who wants to become an instructor or who wants to set up a group/branch or become a partner can and will achieve this goal. We will assist anyone who is interested in helping others to understand wheelchair dancing or wheelchair dance sport. For an information pack please emails or call 0300 111 30 45.

There are three ways that you can set up a branch or group.

For all three options you would need to be qualified as a Wheelchair Dance Sport instructor or be in a position to be taking the training in the first year you set up a group see Instructor programme for more information.

The below options are the three that have been developed and work for our instructors, with all three areas you will also be given access to the WDSA (UK) instructors areas and the support and information of wheelchair dance and wheelchair dance sport to enable your development to become a WDSA (UK) instructor.

The three options are:

The first option open to you is to become a WDSA (UK) branch, this would be where, after your qualification, the WDSA (UK) will support you with back office function and help you to set your group up for a admin fee. This option means that you would have the support of the National Charity behind you and you would need to look, with the WDSA (UK), to find local funding to support your Branches growth without the hassle of administration. To find out more information on becoming a WDSA (UK) Branch call 0300 111 30 45 or email
The second option is after the training you set up your own group with no administration support from the WDSA (UK), but an agreement would be signed so your group would work with the WDSA (UK), follow the rules outlined in the training delivered and are able to work with the WDSA (UK) to ensure a clear and consistent program is delivered. To find out more information on becoming a WDSA (UK) affiliated group call 0300 111 30 45 or email
The third option is you have your own company or group set up and want to incorporate the training the WDSA (UK) offers within your organisations. This can be arranged as with the other two options. The WDSA (UK) would require a license agreement to be signed by the organisations, in which they recognise that the training they are delivering, is owned and on license to them from the WDSA (UK). They would need to follow the details in the licence agreement. To find out more information on becoming a WDSA (UK) licence partner call 0300 111 30 45 or email
If any of the above agreements are broken the WDSA (UK) reserves the right to remove the backing or licence from the individual or organisations