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The Hospital appointment

Well, another visit to Hospital A for an appointment with Consultant B.  I have alot of time for Consultant B.  He’s always been very clear about my condition in a sort of eccentric way, but also in a way that makes me have trust in him both as a surgeon and a person.


At this appointment, we discussed the options open to me as my spine steadily degenerates and the pain gradually increases.  It went something like this:


CONSULTANT: Well, as you know, I wrote to the manager in the Trust six months ago about the next stage in your treatment.  She hasn’t bothered replying.


(That’s right… hasn’t bothered replying!!!)


CONSULTANT: The problem we have is that the actual boss of the Primary Care Trust has taken it upon himself to axe the spinal service at this hospital.  This is illegal and in contravention of NHS directives… but he does it anyway.


(That’s right… illegal… but it’s been done anyway…)


So, that’s the state of play for me at the moment.  I am left on a constant feed of morphine and other drugs to alleviate the pain – that’s all they do; they don’t take it away.  Imagine having a car crush your fingers… and it stay there, not moving, then you start to get an idea of the pain.  But because someone in ‘authority’ with, no doubt, a budget and a directive not to spend it, has acted illegally, I have to continue with this searing pain, every minute of every day. 


No doubt there are many more like me.


In other news, George Osborne MP has loaned the IMF £10 billion as part of the government’s ‘we’re all in it together’ package.