Happy New Year

As I write this blog, my daughter is in the process of giving birth.

As I type quite slowly I might have a grand child before I have finished writing.

Anyway Happy New Year to you all.

I have had a lovely Christmas with family and friends.  The bathroom scales have confirmed that I have eaten too much.

I have just started my detox, I have now got all Jason Vale’s books about juicing.  The world of juicing has begun for me.  Plenty of grapefruit for bone building.

I am laid in bed listening to the wind howl through the badly fitted windows. It sounds bad outside. Even the cat hasn’t been in to wake  me up to let her out. I am glad not to have to get up and go to work in this stormy weather. For many folk it is their first day back after the Christmas holidays. What a start to the new year. I  no longer have  to get up for work as I am now fully retired, but it probably sounds seems weird to some but  I am wanting to get a routine back into my life. I am finding the days pass so quickly and I have hardly done a thing – it’s just like being on one continual holiday; which is great on one hand but alarming on the other as I have set many goals for me to achieve this year.

As a  head teacher, during term time, I was able to do a 100 things in a day, but as soon as the school holidays arrived I went into switch down mode. My friend and I would laugh about what we had done during a day’s holiday: “I have been busy today – went to the Co-op for some bread.” That was about it for the day.

Now that I have retired I can’t actual believe how I managed to do my job. How on Earth did I manage to get up at 6am to get washed and dressed in time for my lift which arrived at 7am? Some days I didn’t get home until 8/9 pm. Most days I feel asleep in the back of the taxi.

I have grieved over having to give up my career in education, as I loved it. The grieving time has been essential, but now it is time to move on and discover a whole new life. It’s also time to be a little bit selfish… ooh the hurts to say that, as I am always worried about hurting someone’s feelings or letting someone down. But I have to take the advice of the doctors and my husband and start thinking about my needs. I still can be superwoman – but a superwoman who does not make herself ill because she hasn’t taken care of herself!

Did you watch Coronation Street last night? Kirk made me laugh – his new year’s resolution is not to eat white bread. He said he was going to have a resolution which was  achievable. When asked what his resolution was for the previous year, he replied a fighter pilot!


KIrk Sunderland from Coronation Street



Kirk makes me laugh! Love his character.




It is time for me to get up.

First thing is to have a juice – a ginger shot is guaranteed to wake you up in a morning.

Have a lovely day.


PS Baby not arrived yet!

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