I love Pen-y-Ghent!

There is something magical about this peak. I have walked up it many times – the last time being when we completed the Three peaks Challenge.


When we went up to the Dales earlier this month one of my requests was to see how far up the peak I could get in the motorised chair (remembering that my chair was not built for cross country mobility).  We parked the car at the southern side of the peak, near to the farm track that leads on towards Pen-y-Ghent. We paid our parking fee at the honesty box – honest!

Wish we had this in Lincoln!

Most walks up the peak start at Horton-in Ribblesdale, but it is a shorter ascent from the southern side.

The weather was glorious.

I was like a big kid annoyingly pestering Andy and Dave to get the beast out of the car. As soon as I was mobile, I was off!

I had to turn the chair around onto four-wheel drive, which makes steering more difficult. Andy and Dave had a good laugh as I spun in circles until I gained control of going over the bumpy ground. The suspension on my chair is very good, and it provides me with good lumbar support, so the stony path was not too bad at the start.

On the path to Pen-y- Ghent

We reached the farm house and had a battery check. Full power.

We then continued along the path. It was the first time that Dave had ever seen Pen-y -Ghent and he was click happy with his camera. The views around this area are spectacular. The track began to get steeper.  Battery check still showed full power.

We continued until we could see the first gate, but the path was getting too bumpy and I was beginning to feel pain in my back.   We didn’t want to push our luck, so after a few more photographs we turned back.

Just completing that short section of the path in The Beast was fabulous. It would be impossible to achieve what I did achieve in a manual wheel chair. The terrain is far too rough, and the path is fairly steep.

We got back to the road and there was still full battery on The Beast so we walked on the road for about a mile towards Fountains Fell and beyond towards Litton, Littondale. I was following the road, which is not exactly what I had in mind when I started blogging about finding trails in the Dales for less mobile people, but I have to be realistic as I don’t have access to an all terrain chair at this moment. However the scenery around this area is beautiful and the road is very quite indeed. Only three cars passed us whilst we were on the road.

All in all I covered about five miles that day.

Although I did not get to the top,to be able to ramble in the shadows of Pen-y-Ghent was wonderful.

Beneath the shadows of Pen-y-Ghent

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