Unfortunately the Yorkshire Dales National Park does not have any trampers to hire out. Part of my campaign is to be able to purchase one for the Park, through fund raising or sponsorship ( if there is anyone who is reading this who think that they could help financially then please, please,please get in touch with me! – thank you)

An example of a day out with the Disabled Ramblers

The Disabled Ramblers Association – www.disambled – organise a two day visit to the Yorkshire Dales each year. They may have a spare tramper to borrow for the day, but you must contact them before hand to see if one is available.

There are trampers available at;

Beacon Fell Country Park – 01772 534709

Beacon Country park – 01695 622 794

Witton Country Park – 01254 55423

Wycoller Country Park – 01772 534709

Wyre Estuary Country park – 01253 857890

Thank you to Rachel Briggs for providing this information.

Fun times on a tramper

Please if you can offer any sponsorship to purchase a tramper for the Yorkshire National Park – please contact me at

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